Art of reading, just like the art of listening can take you places as we are reading more useful stuff daily than we listen. Many people retain more of all they read than others. Reading makes you a better person so its always good to know how to read better.

I read a lot most of the times. So here are three steps to read better.

1. Know your motive

It is always better to know consciously the motive and the purpose of reading a write up. When you know that you are there to seek some answer you will read it carefully looking for the clue. When you are reading a poem you tend to see some beauty in words and the emotions that are being portrayed through beautifully placed words.

2. Center your mind to just one place, that is the write up you are on

So empty your mind that is currently filled with lots of thoughts. You will never be able to grasp the information when your mind is already preoccupied with your office work, or some assignment you have to submit tonight. When someone writes something, they have some thoughts in their mind and they put it down on paper. Their thought process maybe entirely different from yours. So to understand what they want to say or express, you have to focus on it totally.

3. Read

Just start reading. And get into it.

That is it.

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