Me the fire , you the rain,
How does it matter whether we lose or gain?
So stupid of me to imagine us together,
Your downpour turned me to ash forever.

Often have i heard the preachers say,
Time and tide wait for none'.
This is false, quite untrue,
Cause time and tide do wait for some.

Memories flash of school :) , some moments of joy,
A glint of a smile, a fateful cry,
Your heart very well knows the truth,
Love is one hell of a sinful fruit.

And yet this fruit i silently tasted,
Fought with the devils, then i rested.
An eventful journey life has been,
Dreams so pretty i've always seen.

A jolly fate i do possess,
Meeting you ever was beyond my guess,
Thanks for the journey through this while,
Just never give up on that sweet smile.

Time to say goodbye, a warm farewell,
Enjoy your life, truly, without any fail,
Someday, some-where, we will surely cross again,
Perhaps on a sunny day, or a night when it will rain.

The teacher still preaches , time and tide wait for none,
Yet i couldn't agree to it anymore,
Cause time and tide has indeed waited for one.

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