whats the thing with goodbyes?? why do we need someone to tell us that they miss us??
why do we feel the need to go drop someone off at the airport or at the station??
we could very well have said all of that at home and sent the person in a taxi??
then why the need to go all the way to the platform?? all the way to the seat and say our goodbyes??
reciprocally.. why the neeed for us to have people come drop us off???
why does it feel lonely if you're alone at the train or airport??
why does it feel like you need someone to come drop you.. other than the driver ofcoz.. cant have him sayin 'i will miss you, sir!' can i?
for me.. train journeys have become all too common for me to wish that someone comes to drop me... i generally have only the the driver or worse the taxi driver to say goodbye to..
but when it comes to airports?? there is a feeling of impending doom.. that you're not gonna see your loved ones for ages.. which if you're going abroad is usually the case..
so when you go to airports is surprisingly lonely if you dont have anyone to come see you off or come receive you.. very fricking lonely!! its just that when you're getting off the flight.. picking up your luggage.. you have the feeling.. that you have someone waiting for you out there.. that you're back home.. where you belong..
and then you have to walk out of the airport and hail a taxi.. kills something inside you. something small.. something hopeful.. something that was hoping against hope that someone would be there..
and then you press down on it and carry on with your life..
some small part hoping that next time someones there.

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