"being happy" _ the most commonly misinterpreted thing! How can it merely depend on just one's own self to be happy when there are others there affecting him all the time!! Obviously, he is a human being and his emotions are not dead if he is living! IF you mean to let go off your real feelings and don't get angry even when you feel so then it simply means you are erasing your signs of being "LIVING"!! Giving up on one's own self certainly does not mean "Being happy"___ when it internally not satisfies the one's feelings! ____ BE Spontaneous, better for you !! :)

"Nothing is impossible" ____ haha, everything would have been impossible if either one man would have ruled this world or all the men are like a mirror to one another!! We are living in a world which is a mixture of dependents and the opposite ones! The later would have no value if there was no trace of the former.

"True love" ___ the most complex thing!! IT does exist, but it just cannot be found!!! Neither it just "happens". Rather it is consequence of gradually occurring interactions! Feelings don't just come all over of their own ___ they are developed by communications based on understandings! True love does not mean "Being truthful, or love someone day and night" but it is when the you don't assume the "whys and why nots" of the other negatively! True love is not about "Give and take" __ it speaks of no condition! IT is when you love the other to the end of your life without having fear of being not loved back because you don't want anything in return! All you know is to give! and this is the kind of love which HE (Allah) does with His creations!

"Cruel world" ___ it never exists! We are cruel when we don't give time to ourselves for meditating and understanding the clandestine nature of this universe! and thus we end-up being exploited!! The reason is we don't give ourselves a chance to love our souls!

"Where there is a will, there is a way" ____ I don't believe in it!! Not everything is in our hands! We can only hope, pray and work! The Decision maker has always been Him and only Him and He will be always!! So, don't just get so obsessed with your expectations from yourself!

"Success"___ does not necessarily mean you get what you worked for!! But it means you will get the best in whatever form it may be!!

"Harsh realities" ____ haha, realities are never harsh! We are harsh towards them! They are just realities! We are harsh when we anticipate of "easy" things!! Life is not difficult, it is COMPLEX :)

Learn to heal yourself by knowing yourself and the relation between you and this universe!! :)

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