A daughter, beautiful with a cute smile,
with milk teeth so beautifully set,
eyes all jolly and wet with cravings
unheard for candies and jellies, chubby cheeks all red,
with two little ponies hanging on both sides of her hear-
and small limbs and a small body,
with cute features to die for.
She was born, a cute baby girl, someone's life,
and would soon grow up to go to school, in a uniform,
skirts and tunics, with two blue ribbon adorning her hair,
now grown a bit, shoulder length, her lips petite still,
yet pink. Hurriedly each day she comes back to home,
with an empty lunch box, crying, "I'm hungry Mom!"
And occasionally, rather thrice a year,
will she carry the result of their nurture,
bearing a smile, she comes back home,
"Ma, I scored the highest. I win this time."
She would say.

And still with her,
all time would pass, her choices,
preferences, and with that friends.
She grows up more, laughing and being serious,
mugging up books by books, now she's a teenager.
She has a life, some desires building up-
to soar high in the sky, and get indulged everywhere.
Arts, Painting, dancing, music, studies-
all managed so effortlessly,
and with that her taste of fashion, of friends.
She wears shorts, rather too short, but she never listens,
she loves looking nice.
They too let her, she's a teen,
she has her own wishes, let her do, for as long as she is good at heart,
and distractions don't tread her path.

Ye tmore she grows, to take up her own decisions,
It's the time she gets to understand what life had been
and what it's now- harsh and hostile, but she wonders
how she never knew? She's betrayed by boyfriends
and yet keeps on keeping all spirits high, she understands
topper is not the one who used to score a hundred at school.
She is weary with what life is, yet she knows she had to walk,
'cz if she stops, she knows all will go ahead and she'd be left.
A million tears wouldn't help her gain what she has already managed to lose,
She walks again forgetting what kept her back- her worries,
fear and all those woes.

Now she's an adult, bound in the institution of marriage,
facing the weight of the heavy wedding ring,
She understands how tough is it to think
about living with a man under the same roof, with no parents
nor friends or foes to comment or help her even a bit,
she has to suffer alone, rather adjust- to keep it from breaking-
the institution called "Marriage"
weaving dreams and fears all together, with a little one in her womb,
would it be a boy, whose shoes she would tie,
or a girl with long hairs, time would all be spent with the comb.

She sits alone, looking at the flashbacks of how her life had been
these years, managing all tasks and then suddenly ending up
living with a man in love with a third person!
What she had to bear, and how patience put all bit by bit,
she managed to keep her daughter out of these- to give her
all love she desired, all she required.
She now realises her own mother's woes,
when she would tell them tales of love,
of how she and her boyfriend would talk to each other,
and never stop.

She watches her daughter grow up, just like her own mother did once,
she sees her bid a goodbye, going away from their home,
to welcome life at her in-laws' place.
Fear intruding the happiness inside, she prays may she not
have to suffer the same, And may her husband take care
of her, forever, keep her among all priorities.
She comes back home, now all empty- no husband to love,
no child to care for, they all were gone, to their lovers' place,
to now leave her all alone.

Well settled is her child, she comes to know, yet
the daughter never comes to see her taking the last breathe.
Work, and job, and love and kids, is now all what she talks about,
Yet she never complains, at least she's more lucky than her.
She slowly prays to Lord for happiness to survive forever
at her place, as she happily takes her last breath-
Happy, now she no longer has to bear the ring's weight.

Tags: Girl, Fantasy

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