We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone

This is not just because of my newly found love for Floyd.I truly believe that the conformity of our education system is killing the pleasure of learning. Our Education system is based on the principle of conformity where every child is considered the same. No, we aren’t. Take me and my sisters for instance. We are the exact opposites of each other, that’s when we were raised in same house by same parents. Can you ever really confuse between your son and your neighbors? Our Education System does precisely that.All of us are different, with different talents and this diversified talents makes us a complete society. Imagine a world with just Doctors or engineers. Ricksha kaun chalega?

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" said Picasso once. The purpose of an education should be to help a kid find his natural talent and motivate him to pursue it.What do you actually get from this system...As Kapil woould sa it...BABAJI KA THULLU. More and more students are leaving this system more confuse about what they really want from life?

I have a cousin in 4th standard. Recently he was asked to write an essay on "The three magical words: Please, Thank you and sorry". Chotu forgot what exactly was the topic but he did remember it had something to do with the 'The three magical words'. For the fear of getting scolded by his parents who are terribly strict, next day he presented an essay on "The three magical words: I LOVE YOU". No one knows where he got that idea from,he has yet to achieve the double-digit mark in age. The thing with children is that they are not afraid to take a chance. Even if they don't know it, they will go for it . This habit of trying without the fear of making an ass of himself drives all creativity. This is what the education system robes from them.Where being wrong is just not acceptable.

In a normal classroom paradigm the teacher delivers a lecture, and the students just pretends to listen ; however attentive and orderly they may look like. The bell rings and a troop of tired looking boys followed by perhaps a larger number of meek eyed girls, file into the classroom, sit down, remove the expression from their faces, open their notebooks in the a broad arm chair, and receive knowledge. This is not learning, this is bloody slavery. There is no joy in it, its just torture. Hitler might have been proud of such institutions because these are the real ‘concentration’ camps.

The academic culture of schools today tend to push aside any sort of activity that involves the heart, the body,other senses and a good portion of our actual brain. The schools are divided in two strata’s. The first strata consist of students who are good at maths and second of those who aren't. It is fairly obvious that the students from the second strata outnumbers the first one by huge difference. The students good in mathematics are considered intelligent, hardworking while all the others are considered fools with no sense of responsibility or talent. A large percentage of students are told everyday in class that they are good for nothing. They live their entire life believing the same. If they could teach music,poetry as they teach math’s in classes every day, trust me half of country's problem will not last more than 15 years.

We are living in a world of change. This fact based education system is outdated, every knowledge is available at a click of a button today. What is required today is wisdom and that comes only if you have the passion for your field. New jobs are being created everyday which require creativity and ability to cope up with change.Our education system fed the demands of the industrial revolution since 20th century white collar robots were produced. The demand is changing.

We can not predict the future in which these children will grow up. No one can. All we can do is help these kids to find their true talents and shine through them. Like Steve Jobs said in his Stanford Speech “You have to find something that feeds your soul and not worry about the future,when one day you will look back to the past it will all make sense”.

P.S. Ideas borrowed from various visionaries.\m/

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