As I grew into a new born,
I must have hesitated to come out…
Could my eyes bear the light,
Or was it another voyage of crisis I was expected to fight?
I could’ve died, much before I was born,
For I had wrapped around neckline, an Umbilical cord
But they made me survive, this time,
Calling it a scientific triumph!

My mother, still
Cried her heart out, the night dawned until.
Probably because I survived,
Because a ‘she’ was brought to life.

I was two,
When they ‘accidently’ threw me,
In the ocean of blue…
Yet I stayed alive,
Despite the congestion of dew,
Someone, a stranger I never knew,
Cared to lift me before I could even ask you,
Why did you extend my last breath,
Said she, ‘Because you’re a god’s gift’
You’re a miracle in our life!

Twenty years since…
My bruises remain afresh,
For I was burnt yesterday,
Ah! I was wrong … I did have a value
The value in cash and coins,
Which became my own burden!
Yet again…I survived!

I have seen life...and I have seen death,
But I could never appreciate its culmination.
For I experienced death in fragments,
And life strangulated me!
So if tomorrow I die…finally,
Before I could shed a tear, it would dry…
And I would reaffirm,
I have died a million times…

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