*I don't know how good this poem is... just a try during a lecture at school :P

Jeans packed with perfect neatness,
All dirt-free and spotless,
Then came my birthday
Probably my jeans' too,
As it got skinnier as fat I grew.

Ate celery and green roots,
Spinach and leafy shoots.
Hit the smelly gym,
Came back with a news grim.
From a hundred and two,
not a point five was lost.

A week passed and then another,
Passed a week yet another
And i realised I was
Grown too gross.
And all, in vain,
I did just to fit in my old blue jeans.

So nothing worked
but still I worked
All just to fit in my old blue jeans.

Tags: FAT, Jeans, Gym, Diet, Humor

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