There comes a time in your life when you don’t know what to do! You just can’t figure out. When you feel so strongly for someone and still can’t have them.
We all have been through this. Haven’t we? One phase when you don’t know whether to hold on to someone or just let go. When holding on seems senseless and letting go is just impossible. You find yourself so helpless, alone and vulnerable.
You can’t convey your feelings neither can you keep them inside yourself. Unexpressed emotions feel like bullets in the heart. You just constantly keep fighting with yourself. You blame yourself everyday for those feelings, but still feel blessed to have felt love in your heart.
The feeling of love is so warm and so confiding. It surrounds you, and no matter how miserable you feel, it’s always there. You just can’t escape. It’s the best feeling you could ever have. You feel happy and sad and miserable at the same time. The feeling of letting go and forgetting them is scary and it leaves you stunned and quiet for days. You punish yourself for even thinking about it. Because, facing the reality is something you don’t want to do.
Is it okay to wait for something to happen when you know it’s never going to? Or would it be fine to move on while having such deep emotions inside you? Would it not be betrayal? To your love interest and to yourself? Such thoughts run through our minds every day, every minute.
You dream about them, they are always on your mind. You see them in others; rather you want to see them everywhere. But, deep inside, you know you’re not together and can never be. Even the thought of it makes you want to cry and run away.
You never thought that anybody would hold such an important place in your life. You talk to them, you feel on the top of the world. Isn't it? Whereas not talking to them leaves you restless, and incomplete. As if, something is missing. You are not ready to accept that void forever, you want them to be with you, near you and always be yours. FOREVER
But, the question again arises- Whether to hold on or to let go?

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