You can do two things now, either ignore this letter OR read it and save some lives. The choice is yours.
To begin with, I am a simple ordinary school going student. And I am writing this letter to you because I felt I had a need to. I am not sure if you will ever read it but still with a small hope I am writing to you.
Well in this country almost everyone knows you well. And almost many of them have read your novels. I too am one of them. I first read your book 'Five point someone' about 2-3 years back, I don't exactly remember the time.By now I have read all your novels not only once but twice, thrice and even more.
Wait you may have been bored reading all this everyday stuff and you may be still wondering that why you are still reading it. So let me tell you why exactly I am writing to you.
You are now one of the leading writers in India, whenever someone talks about modern day writing your name has to come to their mind. Of course you are one of the most influential person around us. Your dream to change India is highly appreciable. But have you ever thought of your past? People take you as a role model and those wanting to be like you try to take the same path as you did. Can guess whats going around.
Let me be more clear to you. Like me many, many other Indian students want to fulfill their dreams. They want to live their life.When I say to mom "I want to be a writer someday" she says "Yes, why not. See that guy Chetan Bhagat. Be like him. Be an engineer first and then you can perceive your dream." Same may be the cases in other homes too when Rahul says that he wants to be an actor his parents say why not beta be an engineer first and then you can be whatever you like, just like Chetan Bhagat did, see how successful he is.
And then I think why waste four years of my so so precious life? Why Don't I start writing like now. By time I finish college I would have written at least two full length novels. If I am confident enough to follow my heart then why not?
You always knew you wanted to be a writer then why didn't you start writing just after you finished school? or why didn't you just join a arts or literature college? I am sorry to say but do you know that you may have killed many a person. If that one seat your your IIT-Delhi would have been vacant a student who must have been trying for years to fulfill his dream to be an engineer could have got his seat. He may have killed himself by now. You actually don't realize but you have killed someone or the other.
What is the use of your engineering knowledge now? Now don't give me the excuse by saying that my first novel was on my IIT life. I don't give a f***k. Tell me if you wouldn't have been an IITian or an IIM wouldn't you still be writing today? Or is it that only because of these institutes that you have become a writer? I want an answer. Your answer can not only save lives but also help India in having a some better generation of human resource.
Well you can still do two things now, either reply to this letter or simply keep mum. The choice is yours.
Thanking you,
your Admirer, your critic, your fan
Another screwed INDIAN
(P.S-Please try to forgive me if I hurt you in any way. I respect you and of course you are quite elder than me.)

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