I want you to all work hard in life. Especially my both friends who started taking coaching somewhere. Whatever happened it was fault of mine and I take all the blame on myself. Also everything they did was for me. I want you to do your best in life and my wishes will always be with you although god will never hear from because most of the time i curse him.
Also To my love that although one-day if i will not be there in this world there are lot of people who care about you and i have asked them to take care of you. I love this friend of mine because he will always come for you and fight for you. thanks to all of them who deserve my applaud for them. I will wish for you my love that you reach to the top because i know you will. You are the most talented of all. I wish you get into IIM or any good mba college. I will not be able to this time because my complete concentration was to show you how much i love and i can do anything for you . Not only getting moon but also anything which gives you happiness. I wanted to stay here but if i do that i will remain stagnant . I want to study and get into some MBA college so that i can come back and ask you.
Well i am not going to leave you because now nobody can take my heart because that heart is yours. But you know what is told we are made for seven lives so yes if i take next birth i want to again love you more crazy than this. that is my love for you.
I want you always to be happy ...always to be happy...........please never cry...........if you cry trust me i will cry too. Please never cry , never ever and ever. To my friends thank you for everything. Please always take care of her. Please always laugh and always laugh..........You are the cutest and you deserve a nice life. You are made of love and please always love people and help them. Always help them. Always make more friends.
To my love please dance , If i am not wrong you love dancing so please be the best dancer and always make best friends. Please dance . Never stop dancing for anyone. I am not sure but this is my message to you. Stand with proud because you know you look very innocent. I will always stand for you and I am sure your friends too. So yes you have everyone with you. Reach to the top, show this world what you are.....never worry about me because i always love you. Because now you can not go from my heart.

To my Love and To my two friends who i got so connected ( You are the sweethearts )

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