Suddenly out of the blue today, some body started polling hummm on all my posts.
The anonymous person hidden behind the veils happens to go back to my earliest post and poll a humm there too...
Ironically there's this post which has been polled speechless by almost every visitor has fallen victim to this HATER who actually polled a hummm for that too.
My Thanks to you.
It may be that I'm really not good enough for your tastes but nevertheles, thanks for polling. You made all my posts visible again :)
One day i hope I'll write something that will compel you to actually go speechless. You may continue to poll Hummm but deep down your heart you'll know that piece of writing affected you.
hope one day I'll write something to make you proud. Have a great day ahead :) :)
With love,

Tags: Motivation

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