as he saw her lying on the bed
he walked towards her with his head down
remembered the words that she always said
"Be happy John, even when I'm not around"

was it possible for him to live without her?
even the thought of it scared him to the core
but now when she's down with cancer
he could do nothing, no other way he could look for

standing at the door, he had no strength to even walk
he remembered the time they first met
he fell in love with her when they first talked
he still loves her without any regret

they may now be 68 and 70
but the old couple lived their life together
memories of their youth were in plenty
they stood by each other in every kind of weather

"I'm not letting you go, Jenny, not too soon
you remember the pact we made?
we decided, standing under the moon
that I go first, only this have I ever prayed

I have loved you and will always do
you made me what I am today
my life had not been the same without you
you gave my life a new direction, a new way

I remember the day we got married
you looked so beautiful on that day
with your charm I just got carried
but hey, you still look just perfect, even with your hair so grey

I promised to hold your hand for my entire life
and I ain't leaving that till the day I die
I accepted you as my lawfully wedded wife
I say I love you, and I'm not shy

I promised to stand beside you
take your miseries on me
I wish to take away your blues
I propose to you again, on my knees

I loved the morning, waking up on your side
surprising you by making you tea
and then sitting behind you for the bike ride
or staring at the full moon with glee

I'm blessed to have spent my life with you
you gave me such beautiful children
cared for my things as if you just knew
adviced me with your words of wisdom

I wish this night never ends
for we get some more time
you can't go away from me
for you are only mine ♥"

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