Did you ever shed a drop of tear for a friend? Yes? No? Did you ever scroll down your friendlist and read each and every name on it? And tried to remember him and her? Friends who were notorious, or someone who was close to you, best friends? Did you ever realise how relations changed in this hectic life? How friends grew apart, how fun filled days with great friends faded away? How some of them left us, how we left others. . .

Did you find in your friendlist someone who cared for you and was always there for you but no more? Did you find someone who you abandoned knowingly or unknowingly? Did you find some friends who moved apart because you found new ones? Did you find a dear friend whom you haven't met for months and kept forgetting all along? Did you find a friend missing who always made your day? Another friend who stayed back while you moved on? A friend who parted because he thought you have changed with influence? A friend for whom you were the sole reason to cheer up? A friend who loved you dearly but gone?

I found a number or them today. Hell! I know how I miss them each. Yes! I shed a drop of tear for them all. May we meet someday! We shall have good old times once again.


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