To write simply start

Let your mind be blank
like a wooden plank
Then touch the letter on the keyboard at random
Never mind if it's an 'I'
don't you feel shy
See how the words pour straight from your heart
To write simply start.

If you wait and wait some more
on the writerbabu seashore
maybe your thoughts may go for a toss
like your report trashed by the boss
and distractions may pull you at random
a yawn here,
a snooze there
and you've forgotten
your memory as such so rotten
that you wanted to write
To write simply start.

You look at others better
much fitter
writing each day anew
making you rue
but you overlook the fact
that they were just like you
they persisted
and simply resisted
the urge to give up
before they even begun

So throw the remote away
put off your friends for a day
keep the girlfriend at bay
let her whatever say
make your finger
on the keyboard linger
press enter
at one end..not centre
and voila!
your first ever 'Shaila'
now wait for the poll
no, your head wouldn't roll
don't be dizzy
breathe easy
lo! red all over
like gun shots from gulshan grover.

Now look straight ahead
don't let compliments go to your head
sleep well..shake your mane
start writing again!

P.S..(Just began writing...and ended with this nonsense!)

Tags: Writing

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