On a hospital bed he was resting
A nurse & doc his temperature they were testing

Glucose drip on a trip
traversing his arm
Body frail, skin now pale
he used to work on a farm

All day worked this jack wasn't dull
his hands and fists were strong like a skull
Tilling the land morning to eve
around his blissful lull

Pious man lived a joyous life,
along lived beautiful wife
a stinking habit an awful gambit
clogged the life with strife

Smoking gun his pals called him; always cigarette in hand
tobacco churning red mouth; like some street brigand

Years of crunching, mouth fagged
killed stamina to work
Inferno havoc wreaked in lungs, life kicked
and turned berserk.

Diagnosis spoke dear sir
dejected we declare
Life isn't long, for results claim
Lung cancer develops

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