Today is my wife's birthday,
and I've planned something to make her day.
But I will not wish her now,
and will pretend to have forgotten about it, somehow.

She wore a pretty red dress..
She looked perfect,but i didn't confess..
She asked me "honey, did you forget something?"
"oh yes" i replied"My tie, can you please bring?"

She grew restless, but i just bid her goodbye..
All the way to the office, i was smiling on my lie..
I climbed up the stairs of my office and sat on my desk..
And i thought about her surprise party that is going to be the best..

I've booked a grand hotel for her,
And did all the arrangements that she'll not forget, ever.
Today I'll confess something that i never did before,
I'll also compliment her about the red dress she wore..

I'll tell her how special she is to me
And the first time i saw her, i knew, she was my destiny..
I'll tell her she's a angel, with whom i never get bore
I can't express how her eyes makes me love her all the way more..

i was dreaming pleasantly, when i heard a loud bash..
when i looked out of the glass window, another plane was about to crash..
it all happened so fast that i felt nothing would last,
and in a minute's time, my office was blown to the blast..

i wish, i could have wished her happy birthday,
but amusingly, her birthday became my death-day..
now i think, i can only give her a surprise party in heaven..
and I'll confess her one more thing..
that how muCh i wish that it wasn't nine-eleven..

sorry friends for presenting you with such a gory poetry but this is what precisely happened on 9/11..
our religion is there to teach us values, make us virtues..and love each other..but where in does it say.."KILL"..??
IF it does.. then what is the use of such religion..?
think about it..
what are we born as.. HUMANS or MONSTERS..??

Tags: Loss

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