Everybody experiences selfish bad people and lots of bad experiences in life. From all the experiences , we try to learn and be a better person. Here what I am sharing is an experience which discovers a new level of worst people and worth calling a pervert world.

What will you call such people? Are such parents even worth calling parents? Are such children worth calling children? Most importantly are such people worth calling humans?

This is a story of a family who is fraud and has no respect in society because of their deeds and their children deeds. They cheat people, talk rubbish and hurt others and in front they become so sweet and innocent that you can hardly say that they are actually one of the worst people on earth. They have a characterless daughter Deepika who degraded the family from childhood only. Neither was she good in studies nor anything else. She never did a single good thing in life other than hurting others. No doubt that she has already degraded the family name from last so many years because of her character but what she recently did is running and getting married to her longtime lover Bhadresh Singhray who is also nothing in life like her. That's why "Rabb ne banadi Jodi"!! And a little hilarious thing in this is that Deepika was in her 30s. She did such a stupid thing at such an age.

When this happened the family broke all relations with her but I knew that she will be called back soon as after all the parents are the ones who actually let this happen. If they knew that she loved somebody then they should have got her married. But poor parents thought that someone highly educated and from a high class family will marry their good for nothing daughter. They kept making fake stories about her so that they catch up some really good guy and family. But instead she was not getting any marriage proposals and the ones she got hooked up were broken before marriage only. After all who would marry such a characterless girl and fraud family? So now what they did is they kept her with them and let her have live in relationship with her lover. She used to meet him, talk all night, all day long with him in front of her parents. This was going absolutely smooth as they wanted. But when they taught her to torture and hurt her sis-in-law Riya (whom also the family got by cheating Riya and her family by lying and hiding the truths) in every way possible, Deepika got one level up in the ladder of being the worst. She was not only torturing her sis-in-law but was also creating problems in her married life. She made her brother and his wife fight every single day to the extent that the divorce situation too aroused many times. Although the parents too behave badly with their daughter-in-law, they torture her, taunts her and yes they still have the guts to do so in front of their so called daughter.

Generally people to whom their children bring shame don't have the guts to even see someone eye to eye. But these people are really shameless so what to say. Not to mention Deepika was quite jealous too of Riya as she was a well-qualified girl from a metro city, from a very good family and living a luxurious life. She herself belonging to a small backward place and not getting married to her lover added the cherry on the cake of jealousy. So now she decided to run away and get married.

Now the parents were hiding this thing from everyone,only closed ones knew. They even asked their son Rohan to hide this from his wife Riya. In front of people they used to show that they are proud parents and this thing they have been doing from the very beginning only by making fake stories about their daughter. Now how this thing came in front of all who doesn't stay in their city is because of death of their closed one in another city. Everybody saw her in sindoor and other marriage stuff and then also she was hiding all. But as everybody got to know people started talking about her and family.
Anyhow, this is what society is but next I discovered more shocking stuff.

The parents(Suresh and Rajni) themselves never took care of their own parents. Suresh's mother was taken care by his younger brother Gajender and Rajni's father was living alone in another city. The cheap parents always tortured their daughter-in-law Riya and still left her to take care of Rajni's father. Riya had no responsibilities towards Rajni's father even then she took care of him as her own father. Even then Suresh and Rajni's used to say to everybody that Riya is useless and do nothing. They made an educated, smart confident girl just like a servant. They also used to say that when Suresh's mother gets sick and does not get well by Gajender and his wife , Gajender just come and leave her to them which was absolutely false. I mean they are so cheap that whole life they did nothing for their parents and in the end have the guts to say that they have done all whether it was taking care of their parents or taking care of Suresh’s brothers and sisters. They use to tell people that they have got Suresh’s brothers and sisters educated and married which is again a lie.They interfere a lot in their son's life. They themselves lived life of their own and their characterless daughter too but expect their son Rohan to live in their way and play with his life.

Now, Rohan is that kind of guy who just believes in saying and doing nothing in real. After getting married to the girl of his dreams Riya by cheating he says he loves her a lot and she is his only priority in life. Rohan and his family cheated Riya and her family by telling lies about them and hiding serious truths. They destroyed Riya’s and her family’s life. As soon as Riya got to know all truths, she decided to leave Rohan immedietly and take action against him and his family. But as Rohan loved her he promised her that he will never give her a single tear in her eyes and requested to give him a chance. Seeing this, Riya melted as always and gave him a chance. Apart from cheating, Rohan’s family tortured Riya from day 1. She was never treated well. Knowing that she comes from a modern metro city family, always got pampered like a princess by her parents and had a luxurious lifestyle, Rohan’s family neither gave her such a life nor loved her. Even then Riya always gave her 100%. She never fought back to her inlaws and never said a single wrong thing. But still Rohan’s parents made lots of fake blames on her and never left a single minute to taunt her. Riya knew about Deepika and her character but still she never said this to deepika when she used to torture her and fight with her and not even to Deepika’s parents.

Other than this another thing happened with Riya. She got molested not once but many times from one of Rohan’s family member. And the time she realized that she is actually getting molested she raised her voice. She asked her husband to stand for her. Rohan only used to say but he never stood for her. Hundreds of times the situation aroused for Rohan to stand by her love but everytime Riya got disappointed only.

Riya was already in depression after marriage and after this she got worst. She never celebrated any of the occasions whether birthdays, festivals, anniversary. Afterall when all the colors of her life have been lost how could she celebrate? She lost hope of living. She lost all her trust from this world. She decided to leave Rohan and went back to her parents. She told her parents everything and they were shattered. They already knew that Riya was not happy after marriage but after knowing all this they also broke up. They talked to Rohan and his parents and gave Rohan one more chance. Then after a month Riya came back and asked Rohan to move to some other place because she can’t live under same roof where all the bad things have happened to her. He refused to do so by telling that he has to take care of his grandpa who was living with them. Rohan’s parents destroyed the newlyweds’ (Riya and Rohan) life by giving their responsibility of taking care of Rohan’s mother's father (Grandpa). Moreover they also left their characterless daughter Deepika with the couple to torture Riya.

Riya was shocked to hear this and requested again and again everyday as she was living in hell. And after some time Rohan agreed to move out but he had in his mind that after moving out , on the very first day Riya will be normal and start talking to his family which she boycotted from sometime because of their torture. Riya never hurted anybody she only refused to get more tortured and hurt so she stopped interacting to the people who used to hurt her. But on the occasions she used to talk to them also and when they used to visit she used to give her 100% as always. Now, Riya was happy that Rohan and she will be starting their journey again in a new way forgetting the past. But as Riya was in severe depression she was not ready for any more compromises. Rohan’s parents always used to emotionally blackmail him by showing crocodile tears and lying that they are not fine bla bla. His mother used to call him everyday and ‘used to do emotional drama and filling Rohan’s mind with negatives only against Riya. After the phonecall, Rohan used to be rude with Riya and then used to have fights everyday. This became the routine. Other than this, Riya was also sacrificing her husband’s time with her as Rohan used to go 2-3 times a week on weekdays and weekends to his other house for his so called responsibility which was not even his. It was his parents responsibility. Riya changed completely. She stopped talking. She used to not to talk to anybody for days and weeks. One thing became absolutely clear in her mind that Rohan can never change. She gave him so many chances. She tried a lot on the relationship to work but things became worst only. After all this the parents call themselves and their children as Sanskari!!

What I discovered is that people are only broadminded for themselves that they can do whatever they want to but for others they are just uneducated backward people.

Rohan always gives his priority to his family. Having the habit of making and breaking promises he again choose characterless Deepika over Riya knowing that Deepika not only always degraded family name, left the family to die when Rohan was crying and telling the same to Riya but also tortured Riya and made them fight. Riya got cheated and even then gave Rohan so many chances. She made him her priority and kept on sacrificing and adjusting. But the result is only depression. She decided to focus on her career and leave Rohan. She has already kicked such a loser out of her life long time back but formally still need to be done. She is trying hard to get back to her career but she keep going out of focus because of depression.

Riya wants to live again….Riya wants to be the girl she was… Riya wants to fly again….

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