When Jacob decided it was all over with Sara, looking outside through the window of his compartment only to look at the rushing trees and big fields, an image of his beautiful beloved appeared in his mind. He remembered the way she used to smile even at his silliest of jokes, her ruffled hair that would sometimes fall on his cheek accidentally, making him wish the moment could last forever, her childish, innocent behaviour with a beauty of its own, seemed to him as one of the best moments a lover could live.

When he found her hugging a guy from her tuition class, he couldn't figure out why she cheated on him. He was a guy a hell lot of ambitions, with a handsome amount of money coming his way through a novel he was about to publish, and the icing on the cake was his extremely loving and caring attitude towards her. He let her feel comfortable in her own circle of friends and trusted her to the core, but as if all qualities and love fell short somehow as Sara felt a need for someone else, perhaps someone better.

'Why did you hug him?' Jacob's frank but weird question had startled Sara that night.
‘We’re friends! He’s my friend! Can’t I have friends?’ Sara protested.
‘He isn’t. You’re cheating on me. Whenever I come back after staying away for some time, I always find you with him, hugging him in a romantic way, playing sometimes.
‘So? Can’t I have my own life? Why can’t you trust me? I love ‘you’!’

By then Jacob had decided that it was all over. Filled with rage and agony, he didn’t utter anything else and left. Willing to build a new life now, filled with autographs, paperwork, parties and fame and the best, hot chicks, he concluded that Sara and him were never meant for each other.

Just then, a man sitting in front of him, who was reading a newspaper, flipped it to read on the other side. His face hid behind a big portion of the newspaper and an ad which was on the other side of the paper caught Jacob’s attention. It was the advertisement of some insurance company which had a picture of a guy and a girl hugging each other as they looked towards their dream house and a luxurious life. The couple instantly reminded Jacob of all the moments he had spent with Sara that he considered everlasting. Well, they were everlasting, even though he was leaving her, even though every moment he tried to forget her, those moments stayed and would stay forever in his heart and memory. He could never get rid of those. He could still feel those moments, the days when she used to rest her head on his chest, when he used to kiss her lips and forehead to tell her how much she meant to her, when they’d interlock their fingers and look at each other with a smile which expressed more than words could ever tell, all the moments flashed in his mind only to make him realize that he could really never forget those moments, they had become his part.

The next moment, he realized that he still loved her.

He remembered all those moments when she told him that she loved her and he believed that all the time, and he realized she had said the same on that night too, but he was too furious to listen.

Broken, dejected, he decided he was a fool. He didn’t listen to her yells and didn’t bother even when she begged him to stay later on texts. His anger had brought a mist on his eyes and as he sat in regret and recalled his stupidity, the fear of losing her engulfed her and he started to sob. He didn’t believe her even when she told the guy was just a friend. He admitted that he deserved this, all of this. He’d been such a jerk.

Without delay, he fished out the phone from his pocket and dialed her number. A sweet but painful voice was on the other side.

‘Hello? Jacob?’
‘I’m sorry Sara!’ He burst in tears.
‘Hmm.’ Jacob could sense she was smiling and crying at the same time.
‘I’m an ass! I don’t want to lose you. You’ve been so great to me all the time and all I gave you was pain. You didn’t deserve that. I hurt you, still you love me. Damn!’
‘I love you.’ That’s all Sara could gather.
‘I promise you, no matter what, I will always love you, in all the situations, in all the seasons, forever. I’m coming back.’ He cried with happiness.

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