I do not want to watch the sky-
the burden of my head
I took it from your shoulders,
my hands,
I will keep them on my lap,
like two chicks
fled away from their mother's wings.

The moon's breath froze, silvery,
on the edges of clouds,
the wind stopped-
it's so quiet that I hear
the tresses of night caressing your face,
and flickering, your thrill of surprise
that you feel naked without my embrace.

Two bodies
separated by only a step -
two orphan shores
bathed by waves of longing.
Listen! From every our pore
are growing tendrils
that intertwine and weave
another heaven over our world

I do not want to watch the sky,
I want to watch your soul's frightened bird
hovering in wide circles
looking for my branches,
and hearing her first cry of hopelessness,
I will flourish nests on every my twig.

Tags: Poetry