There is something very stirring in the beauty of the bluish black night sky.
Adding on it, the fact that I am on the terrace having a conversation over the phone with the chilly wind blowing in my hair and making my fingers numb, I do not know what makes me happier. His uncanny ability to make me grin from ear-to-ear with just a simple “hellloooo” or the fact that I,for once,can actually turn from a gregarious speaker to a patient listener as he goes on and on.
A while ago,had people talked about the starry sky and the incandescent moonlight reminding them of their loved ones,I would have visibly shaken my head indicating my inability to understand their "filmy" romance and the fact that there isn't anything more fascinating to them than a black star-studded sky and a moon which from no angle is a symbol of love.
Today, When I look at the moon and the "black starry sky", enjoying each bit of our conversation, I totally understand what people meant all this while.
“I wish you were here”,I wistfully groaned into the phone.Having reached the end of a dreadful ordeal that day,the only solace was gathered from his husky voice relating his day’s events and asking about mine.He senses my downtrodden demeanour and starts pestering(read:blackmailing) me to narrate the sob story.Well,can anyone possibly say “No” to him?I think not.Not when he goes all bossy and cute and a mixture of everything that seems downright adorable.
He heard it all.Patiently.Silently.He let me pour my heart out as I blabbered about the bucketful of misery I was drowned in.Once I was finished,he spoke up.I kid you not,His words took away a second of my heartbeat and then went on to become the substance of my thoughts for the next 24hours.
“I always have your back.No matter what.I do not want you to do anything stupid.I am here…I’m here..for you..Whatever you go through tomorrow,react not.Remember..Somehwere out there,in a parallel Universe,You’ll be coming home to me.”
There was a certain depth to his words.A certain manner in which he said it.I grinned like a lunatic.Its pretty much a routine exercise now to grin and blush and smile like an idiot all day.Makes people wonder what I am upto.However,It takes only a few skilled onlookers to realize what exactly is happening ;)
I tell him he’s self-obsessed.Not Vain but just a typical April-born Aries too busy with his toes to notice the world around him.He retorts,”I’m more obsessed about you than myself.” What a wisecrack. Shit,I’m smiling again as I type.
Its strange how somehow can get you besotted and make so much of difference to you and your life.For once I see all the sense it makes. For once, it doesn't seem stupid or funny or unbelievable. It seems Just Right.
Too Much Too Soon?
Yes,Too Much Too Soon but with just the perfect similarities and ample polarities.


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