Have a one flight booker for all of your needs. Wanna travel the world? So fly high with WESTHILL CONSULTING, TRAVEL & TOURS, Singapore. We want to fulfill a long time dream of travelling the world and we want to fulfill others' dream as well. We carry out the business of tours and travel intermediation representing major travel suppliers. We also provide services such as booking, tour facilitation, travel documentation and other related services. We will make sure that you will have the travel experience that is worth of you money and your time. We hope that this will result to repeat sales from valued customers.

Warning! Cookies are sweet but it causes cavities, not so good after all huh? When booking flights, almost every search engines drop cookies into your browser’s history, this can’t be good for you. Frequently, these cookies will recall the number of times you visit a particular website and accomplish a precise flight search, turning up the price of your preferred flight ever so fairly, meanwhile there’s a decent chance you’re going to purchase. Try allowing a private browser, removing your cookies after browsing, or using a second device when making your final purchase. It will sure to help you save some dough.

Window Or Aisle? Are you heading SE Asia, in Jakarta, Indonesia maybe or KL Malaysia? Seat 67B may sounds like an anonymous chair in steerage, but on the Airbus 380 it’s a comfy spot in business class. These days, airplanes come in a variety of configurations, so it’s best to check out the floor plan of your carrier before you pick your seat. Seat Guru streamlines the process with easy-to-use search functions and color-coded diagrams displaying ideal seating arrangements.

Versatile Luggage. Extended gone are the days of complimentary stowage. Last year, Indonesian airlines bagged over 3.5 billion rupiah in luggage fees. Consider investing in one flexible suitcase that can expand and contract to suit your travel needs. Try the Dakine Over Under bag that, in its smallest form, fits in the airplane’s overhead compartment, but can grow roughly twice in size—perfect for when you’re towing home a surplus of goods after a shopping holiday.

Apps Are The Lightest Thing You Can Pack. Even though you are not planning to use them all, it’s well worth loading up your smartphone with handy applications. Currency converters and hotel bookings should come handy at some point.

Your Smartphone Is Smarter Than You Think. Despite that you’re abroad without wifi or a data plan, your smartphone is still capable of performing some handy tasks, particularly when it comes to maps.

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