What is love? People carry divergent ideas about this in their grey matter. Some will say its affection for someone, some will say its some sort of attraction and some will even say its something that take overs your heart and mind. Well, in simplest of simplest words it's a feeling. People say love happens only once, you'll never be able to love again. Hey! Those who think this way surely deserves a face palm. When you were born, you slept with your mother and in next two years you see your sibling. What your mom did? She hit the baby or cuddled with the baby? Well again, its love. The same she showed for you. You will love many people in your entire life but one day you'll meet someone who'll make your adrenaline rush in such a way you'll get to know that. You don't give away all the money like that. You don't have sex with the person towards whom your love is true.
Love everyone. True love is for someone special.

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