It had been a month and everything was going so well.I never got up before his good morning kiss,and never slept before making sure my darling was smiling.The intense bond of care and love always kept us together.He was the one I always imagined in my dreams.Someone who promised to hold me in his arms forever .Someone,who denied to kiss me if I dint take my medicine.Like any other girl I was falling for this guy.But apparently everything changed and it came to an end by 30th of September.Its now that I realized how impractical I was.These existed only in fairy tales and in reality things were quite different.But I was carried away by his words.May be I was too light and the wind of his words blew me off.Yeah,I agree it was a highly immature act.Yeah ,I am still this girl who doesn't know what world is about.My innocence being used by so many people and finally I know what people and world is about.
Amid the days of tears on my pillow and a fight with myself,on first of October ,in the sunny afternoon,my cell beeped and my curious eyes opened expecting to read an apology message.But all my expectations came to an end.It was one of my senior who texted to ask if I was fine.I dint even realize how my romantic whatsapp status had changed to "finding solitude more comfy".There was so much pain in my heart,that I poured it all out to him.I knew deep down I was doing another mistake by trusting a random acquaintance of mine.And I had taken the risk of trusting someone again.May be it would break me down,but certainly anything that happened would make me strong.All in a hope to learn,I started trusting him.We spoke for hours on phone and in a week of time, discovered great friends in each other.But,now I had someone who respected the kid in me.Someone whom I knew would protect my innocence and he taught me the reality of world.I was just like a chick coming out from the shell of home and here I had this guy walking every walk with me.
I always find him behind ,catching me whenever I fall.And I now have this guy,who mended my heart.He loves me the way I am.Never complained for anything.Now I wake up with his voice and sleep with the song he sings.Any dilemma,I give a call and I find him beside.I often freeze in his thoughts,thinking how to make him smile amid all his responsibilities.And when I see him smiling,I can see my soul living again.I dont know if I call this love.May be I don't even want to know...All I know is,I want him for lifetime.I am drenched in his care,live in his love and wonder if I can ever love him back the same way.But ,finally I know "trusting him was a risk worth taking".:)

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