"Truth or Dare?" shouted everyone as her turn came to play the notorious game. Yeah, Samara, What is it going to be? Are you too scared to admit that you are into me or scared to think of what could happen tonight?" I said. " It depends. Are you going to dare me to tell the truth or make me tell the truth through a dare? Either way, you are the one who is going to get hurt baby because I'm not into you. Anyway, I chose dare.", said Samara.

"I dare you to make out for 30 seconds with anyone who is Single among us and there has to be much more than just kissing ha!", said I, knowing that I was the only single guy there.

"Come on Samara! Show him what you can do", shouted Rudy.

She looked tensed and I knew that she couldn't hide this time and she jumped up, flipped her hair to the other side and told Rudy to put the timer on. She whispered something in Alisha's ear and both of them grinned. Samara sat in Alisha's lap and started caressing her hair. She bent down slowly and kissed down her neck  with her hands running through Alisha's hair. Again, kissing her upwards, she moved towards Alisha's lips, kissing her, rubbing her lips and smooching her with her hand moving down to Alisha's breast. Alisha's hand slipped into Samara's top as if to unhook her bra and.....


30 seconds were up and everyone was silent. Everyone had forgotten about the timer and were staring at the two of them. I almost had an erection and I never felt my dick so hard.

"I pay you two 1000 bucks to do it for another 30 seconds", said Rudy who was too excited about the show.

Gross! She is your sister for Godsake" said Mona, referring to Samara.

"Step Sister. Well I wouldn't care if it was my own sister for this kind of girl on girl action!", said Rudy.

After the game we all were talking when I glanced at Samara sitting by the bar all by herself drinking Scotch. She was wearing a black top with a silver skirt that was up to her mid-thigh. The top was tight enough to flaunt her hour glass figure which I wanted to slide my hands over.  A part of her hair always fell on her face and she would keep putting it behind her ear, which then uncovered the side of her long neck. She saw me staring at her and I looked the other way before our eyes met. After some time, I went up to the bar to get a drink.


"That was a good show you put up.", I said. Samara looked at me, gave a smirk and leaned slowly to whisper into my ear. "Why? Did it turn you on?", she said, in a seductive voice, grabbing my dick hard. I could hear her breathe down my neck, giving the back of my neck goosebumps. She bit my ear and went away to talk to the others giving me the famous wicked Samara smile.

Mona and Rudy decided to sleep over. My parents weren't at home so I didn't mind. Samara had to agree because Rudy was her ride home. I was standing in the Veranda drinking Scotch. I couldn't sleep. Not when Samara was in the next room. After a lot of struggle, I decided to go to her room. I turned the door knob slowly and opened the door. The room was empty. I checked the bathroom and it was empty too. I came down to the kitchen to see her make something.

"Brownies? I get food cravings in the middle of the  night", she said. "No I'm good. I will just sit and watch you with your hands covered in brownie batter, said I. She was mixing the batter when.. "Crap! I dirtied my top again. Can you help me take my top off? Batter hands you know", she said, showing me her hands. I agreed and went towards her, put my hands on her thin waist and held her top and pulled it up as I felt the curves of her body. She was wearing a black slip underneath her top that was so transparent that I could see everything underneath. The lines of her cleavage disappeared into her red and black lace bra and the slip covering it just made my urge stronger to ravel what's underneath. "Damn, You opened out my hair! Now tie it up", said she. I picked up her hair band from the floor and took her hair off her shoulders and started kissing her neck, she turned around, pressed her body against mine and started breathing heavily. She took some of the brownie batter and put it on her silky lips and told me to check whether the batter was sweet enough. I couldn't resist anymore. I grabbed her by her butt and put her on the kitchen counter and kissed her lips, kept smooching her while she teared open my shirt. I kissed down her neck and she ran her hands down my sweaty body. I took off her slip and unhooked her bra with my teeth. I kissed down her body while pressing her breast hard. She moaned with pleasure. I took her off the counter and pushed her against the wall, unzipping her skirt as fast as I could and threw it off. I kept kissing her while my right hand slided down from her neck to her nipple towards her pussy. I felt her crotch and fingered it while her panty was on, she was wet indeed. I went down on her, taking off her panty, licking her pussy and kissing her thighs. She kicked my body down and bit my neck. We took off every inch of clothing we had on. She held my dick, rubbed it hard and harder and sucked it. I got up, threw her on the floor, pinned her hands down while I kissed every inch of her body. I sucked her breasts, pressed them, bit her nipples. Our bodies became hot and we were steaming with passion. She sat up, pulled herself towards me and bit my lip, biting it hard while she took my hand down to her pussy. She licked the blood from the bite and kissed me further while I put two fingers into her vagina while the thumb was rubbing the sides. She stopped kisssing me and sat with her hand behind her back stuck to the floor, with her legs spread open and shouted "Harder and faster and don't stop". I leaned forward and bit her neck while my hands went harder into her pussy. Her widely spread legs were now behind my back. I took my fingers out and rubbed her clitoris and her vagina. She clung onto whatever she could and moaned with deep breaths. I rubbed my dick on her vagina and she could resist no more. "Shove it in!" I put my dick into her pussy and went in hard and kept going harder with her nails pressed into my back. I pressed her breasts as hard as I could and sucked every part of her body I could get. I went down  on her and licked her pussy and went up to kiss her sleek stomach and licked her nipples. She held me by my hair and kissed me while her hand was rubbing my dick. I could resist no more and fucked her as hard as I could. She moaned louder and louder as I kept fucking her. After about 1 and a half hours of steaming passion, I pulled down a curtain wrapped it around her. She threw the curtain down and told me to lift her as she was. I took her to my room where she lay in my bed. I lay beside her, pulled her  by the stomach, till I could here her breathe. I put my leg around her and whispered, "Good Night".

The next morning I woke up alone, with a note on the bed that said: 

"Lat Night, you were into me, LITERALLY. Guess we know who is actually into whom now ;)".

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