What does it mean??? It simply means a process in which you talk to yourself, your brain and body is relaxed and they are talking to your soul !!!! But your thoughts taking roller coaster ride;).
When you hav nothing to do just shut your eyes and start peeping into yourself, slowly and steadily start inhaling followed by exhaling. You will be captured by millions of thoughts but don't worry it's a good sign.

The more thoughts you get, more relaxed you feel. Calmness is directly proportional to your thoughts. But unfortunately youngsters think ahh are we so old that we will practice meditation!!! Huh how stupid? But they dont noe this brings stagnation in your mind,

10 minutes meditation is equal to 2hours of dancing and the result of meditation is STAGNANT mind, CALM state instead of tired body,;)

Negotiating with your thoughts, fighting with your queries, uplifting your mood all is being taken care. Just follow it and comment your views how you feel it.

It hardly take your time but mind you it's an ADDICTION!!!!

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