bhool ab jaana guzra zamana keh to rahe ho mujhko magar
tasveerein lelo khat bhi le jao lauta do mere shaamo sehar
jaan jaye re, jaan jaye re, jaan jaaye meri tujhko bhulane mein
ke aaon na yaad bhi anjane mein..

the next stanza a even better. saw this movie yesterday even after all the tepid reviews but m glad I did as it was not bad. The first half was actually pretty good by any means i think. The songs were pretty awesome and what with the cool swanky dance steps in "mere agal bagal"..
the comic timing was also fine I guess. the second half was a bit of a drag agreed. but then, it feels the same in most of the bollywood comedy flicks. and the above song was after-all in the second half. they may have made it in a hurry and could have done better treatment. But I do not see how the collections could be as bad as they are. the junta are losing taste for some good entertainment for sure..
and even the actress was pretty good, pretty also.
have you ppl watched and how was your idea after watching?

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