While going through the New Year Posts, I came upon two lines which are as follows:

(1)"Everything happens for a reason"; and (2) "Whatever doesn't kill U makes U only Stronger."

Now for everything that happens in the universe, there is a cause or a number of causes. This is known as The Principle of Causality which has not been violated to-date. But to reason out the cause is an entirely different proposition. Whether we can reason out everything that happens, we do not know and very likely it might not be possible. For the time being and for the purpose of understanding, consider the example of a falling object when thrown upwards from earth's surface. Many brains had thought about this phenomenon of falling objects. But the world had to wait till Sir Isaac Newton gave the reason and told us why it is so. There are no accidents, no coincidences in the world. There are only events and for every event, smallest to the largest, there is a cause. To reason out the cause takes time because science is not acting, film making or journalism.

Coming to the second line: Whatever does not kill U makes U only stronger is an incorrect statement. A person meets with an accident and gets disabled or even paralysed, but does not get killed. Would you say he/she has come out stronger after the incident? No.

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