One year, three sixty five days, eight thousand seven hundred sixty hours, all together to form the year, the culmination of which we all celebrate with much fervency. Well, don’t even get me started on the unwarranted pressure that lingers all through December around what your new years’ eve plans are. And god forbid if they don’t fall under the categories of ‘partying, vacationing or dancing drunk’; probably at least once you’ll question your social life. Trust me, this is largely true when you are in your 20’s and still decide on staying at home on New Year’s eve while watching television with family and ‘message’ your new year wishes to friends and acquaintances at midnight. But I know that’s not the only thing new years is about and it is also not just about resolutions that we list in our heads with great vehemence.

2015 has been a rough ride, a year whose lessons I shall keep with myself but not have it etched in my memory in the same way they’ve been taught. And as I stand in the beginning of this fresh year, I know change is inevitable; what kind though, is for me to decide and work for. It will not be about chickening out or loosing myself in pity parties. It will be about ‘owning up’ to whatever there will be to see and experience and let things take their course.

New Year’s for me is a sentiment to evolve, to forgive (but not forget), let the sleeping dogs lie and let bygones be bygones. Well, I’m aware that it is rather unpunctual to think about this change of year, as we are well beyond a week into January 2016, and a vast majority of us have already lost themselves in the mundanity of their static and predictable routines. But it is never too late to make amends and remold. I certainly believe that you could have an entire day, month, year for yourself to accomplish what you’ve always wanted, yet you could trade it all off to fear, laziness, and fizzle away ; and then you could still have that one day, one hour, one moment of epiphany, a clarity of thought where you commit to yourself to change. But for the skeptics among us the new years will always be just another day. So it doesn’t really matter how things were or have been, there is only so much we can do to our pasts; the best way to move is to learn and grow from the ‘was’ and ‘were’ and positively reflect them in our ‘is’ and ‘are’. So, TURN THE PAGE!

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