Twelve summers down,
My heart resided free.
In my glorious past,
Abstaining from drudgery.
The earth had a charm,
Explored yet uncovered.
Mystical and bountiful,
Waiting to be discovered.
I ran with bare feet on grass,
The smile didn't gather moss.
With every step that I took,
My joy grew,in copious multiples.
I knew the bad side too,
I knowingly let go though.
In pretty petty thing of life,
I wanted to go the furlough.
The weather was magnificent,
As flowery and flowing as possible.
The labyrinth was amazing,
And I was curious to reveal it.
Twelve summers down,
My heart resided free.
My hands were path to destiny,
The heart did not weep in agony.
I resided in the carefree world,
I resided unique without being sold.

Tags: Past, Glory, LIFE

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