I can remember the first day of my GMCS training.I was very nervous.In this training i had with me some of my close friends but we were alloted seats in different rooms.So for that reason i am more nervous this time then other times.All new faces in my room.Some are present with their friends, some found their college or tuition or school friends co-incidentally and others looking here and there.I had my eyes fixed on the door with a hope of some miracle in the form of some known faces.The trainer was just to enter the room and start the show for the day.I had presented very rarely during seminars in my college. I called that angel to get some suggestions on how to carry on with all this stuff and stunts.She picked up my phone and replied "its your first day of your training, isn't it".I answered with some low chords "yes".She know me very well.She asked me what happened harsh, is everything ok!!?? No, i m not ok.I m very nervous yaar being my first day...She told me ' harsh tereko sharam nahi aata hai, that you are a student of a college whose students are best in every respect and we can face any situation with confidence.Daaasssssshhhh kahi ka..You are just afraid of presenting before the crowd.Thats your problem and not the new faces.Just believe me be normal and present yourself as you are, you gonna rock.And be confident.Suno i need a party for your success over your fear of public speaking today in the eve. All the best.."
I breathed in and breathed out several times to get my confidence up and my nervousness down.After all i took up this task as a matter of reputation of my college and this is the time to prove myself in front of everyone present there.Just after 5 mins , an announcement was made that anyone want to present can come here and present by our trainer.Its a self volunteering round.Few of the members presented very well.I also took part in that round and my presentation was too good.The trainer appreciates my way of presentation and marked that i had heard of the students of this college that they are very good presenters and today is the day i had seen proving this rumour to be right.
I must say that all this happened is just becauae of you dear.Otherwise it was not possible at all.So i am very thankful to her.And i always appreciate her at my heart but i never made her realise the same thatyou are really an angel for me.A true angel of my life.
Thank you dear (Nautanki queen). Keep smiling.!!:-)

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