You don’t just automatically love
You slowly learn how to trust them,
how to start believing in them.
You want to be with them to the point
where you’re jealous of anyone else
who gets a little of their time.
Jealousy is da result of love...its
nrml.It gets you mad, but slowly you
learn to get over wd it.... because you
can’t be jealous forever....i mean if u
wanna b wd dem frvr,...u cnt keep on
gttg jealous wn dey give attention to
sum1 else rather u..
And then aftr a period of time you
realize,you don’t even feel jealousy
anymore because once u r sure about
deir feelings n dey make u feel
loved..,you get an unwavering
confidence that this person will never
leave you, never betray you and would
never pick someone else over you.....
They make you feel irreplaceable..
..Dey make u feel an inseparable part of
deir body ...n That’s when it hits
Wen 2 ppl really do love each other
it’s completely unbreakable...

::::: PK <3 MâĎĎÝ :::::

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