The best thing about life is its Uncertainty. To most of us it can be the worst thing also!
But let me tell you, it is much better than just "best" that our lives are uncertain.
We never know what is gonna happen next. We still adopt a cautious attitude, but we also have in mind that we are not certain of our very next moment.

Yes, sometimes most of get frustrated at the moments when they have to take a decision but the fear of uncertainty holds them back, or one can say that it resists them to take the decision of their interest.

Not only this, but also we feel worse about being unsure of our lives that we often let go of the things and even people before the actual time of their departure,that is the fear of loosing arising due to uncertainty of life events which makes us think that better to let go now rather than to loose later on. It is not that that loosing before time will cause them less pain. Ahhh! Yes, It is gonna hurt them more, it is gonna give them double the pain they might have faced later on. Because, firstly they are already affectionate towards that person or thing that they are afraid of loosing them in future; and secondly, the thought of being deprived of that particular (person/thing) ,even when it is in their approach, will hurts them most! For Ignoring your interests is never fine!

Such situations are often faced by all of us at different times in our lives where we get stuck between the devil and the dark blue sea. The situation is even more painful when it is about the person whom you have affection for!

But, I will say that Uncertainty of life is the best thing about it. We can make it best for us when we understand that the nature of life is uncertain. Promises are just to let others know that how much they mean to you!

Once we know there is no "forever" and there is no "everlasting" than we prepare ourselves to face the future. We don't care whatever it may be or whatever it brings. and it is due to this nature of life that we allow our souls to focus more on present. If we were sure of our next time, we might have never relished the company of a friend because we would have been aware of the fact that he would leave one day tracing our lives with the adorable memories of him/her. We might just not have lived fully, we might not have laughed at a joke just because we would have known that a terrible thing is waiting for us in the next few moments. Yes, the chances are that it may happen or also it cannot happen. So there exists "uncertainty" which lets us allow to opt for the reasons of smile than that of sorrow.

Without this best thing about life, we would have less or no wonderful memories! We would have no treasure of the charming times!

So, the worst things are not only the worst things alone, they can serve as the best beyond our imaginations! It depends on you now, what you choose to be_ an over cautious lover, or the winner of the best times!

for nothing lasts forever, it has to be taken away or to go at one or at the other time from your life, so better to give up the fear of loosing, or you will never know how it actually feels to have that thing/ person in your life.

PS: being cautious is necessary, but not in every turn, event or every matter of our lives! There are somethings or relations which demand an incautious affection!

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