Where there is love, there will be hatred, for shadows cannot exist without light, as black cannot exist without white. These are casual relationships between two extremes that define this world, the nexuses that cannot be defined.

Pain, is the middle ground, love brings pain, hatred brings pain, pain is understanding the true nature of this world, be it heartbreak, physical pain, Etc. Without pain, there is no understanding, without it there is no middle ground or lessons to be learned.

You have to accept it and let the pain you feel today be what guides you to a better tomorrow, accept that there is no escape from pain, and whatever you do, be willing to face it.

You can't protect people from pain but when you love someone, you can make their pain and suffering less crippling or painful, see humans weren't made to be alone, you can protect them and guide them, and when they suffer, lend your shoulder and hand of comfort, it'll make a world of difference that's love, to care and cherish through thick and thin.

In simple, always take the good along with the bad, and let the bad create good.

Tags: Happiness

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