Last night Sushant came in my dreams and asked me to write a post. So here I am in front of everyone with that post  :D


This post is about a syndrome on and off social media and people in general. I don't have a name for it but lets say it's called "But why not talk about that". You just cannot talk about an issue because you have not spoken on an another one. 


It is okay to raise voice for Justice for sushant if you have not spoken yet on unemployment. This does not mean that you approve of government policies or you support it. 



Sushant Murder Case


The sushant murder case is not just a celebrity news or entertainment news which it has been labeled as. It is a quetion of faith on judiciary and democracy, which is less of an issue than unemployment. We take democracy for granted just because we have it. Without strong democracy you can see what many countries are going through. A stable and secure environment is very important for the all round development for any nation.  So it's very important that the culprits are not spared. You may argue that what about thousands of other murder cases that happen every year. And you are right, but the way there are so many open questions about how the police handled the case the public is not convinced that it was a suicide. And this raise serious questions over the system we trust in. It also becomes even more important to pick the case of Sushant because if a celebrity is not safe then how can a common man be. The role of media in sushant's case and especially Republic and Times Now is very important because it gives fear to the people in power or people who will in power in future that you can't get away with just anything.

A person with fractured leg can't hang himself even if he was on drugs.



Role of Media


The way Rhea has been crusified by media and social media is wrong. We have the right to ask questions but when an investigation is going on and has not concluded yet, declaring her the culprit only weakens the demand for justice. Seeking justice and waiting for the result does not by any means show that someone is supporting Rhea. Actually I think there is a much bigger plot that we may miss if we declare the culprit so early in the case. Drug angle only looks like a distraction. But again media should be free to operate even if it's not the best theoretically.





Now coming to the issue of unemployment. Well that's a big issue as well for immediate future. The goverment has failed badly at this front and there is no denying. The goverment will have to be held responsible for this because the slowdown was already there even before corona entered. The way things are handled need to be put under scanner and we need a healthy debate on what all could have been done to prevent this and what can be done now to come out of this. And maybe exercise the right to vote to change the government. Actually the biggest crisis India is facing right now is lack of options at the top level leadership. You can't deny that we just don't have options. Opposition almost does not even exists even after having funded by China. Btw the bigger issue related to employment is employability but governments have been busy in quick fixes like loan waivers and money distributions rather than actual skill development( which I think Modi ji talked about, but not sure how much it was successfull). 



Hindu and Muslim


And let's get this clear once and for all on the issue of Hindu and Muslim. We don't care. We don't care if you are a muslim or a hindu or christian or a sardar. It just doesn't matter. You do your own thing, I do my own thing. Any violence against a hindu is wrong as is against a muslim. And yes Kangana raised the voice for Sushant and I am very greatful to her for that but when she says that this has something to do with islamification of bollywood, well I am not with her on that. Her office was demolished partially and that is wrong any day. 




The thing is that we should be able to say something is wrong without taking sides. And someone talking about justice for SSR and not saying anything on unemployment does not mean he is pro government. They may not have that deeper understanding yet on the subject of econimic crisis yet. It dooes not mean they should be labeled as someone who wants to distract from the "real" issues of India. 

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