Start a start-up. You are doing a good thing for society, creating one vacancy at the place you worked, and employing many in your own company. You'll probably contribute to GDP soon. Points below are not very common.

1. Stay calm in your words your action.

Calmness reduces chances of error and speeds up things. There is a little scope of error as you grow as stakes will keep moving higher and higher. Also things will be overwhelming most of the times as this is a new world for you.

2. Identify your strengths and weak points.

Decide on that basis which work you are going to do yourself and which you'll get done by others. Focus is on minimizing cost and time. In the meantime you can always fix your weak points.

5. Don't be too analogical.

Don't be too analogical in calculating opportunity cost of the time you are going to spend in start-up and its returns. Just do it. You are anyway not going to take all the wealth with you when you die.

6. Start any day, anytime.

Its a myth that the best time to start a start-up is college, or later in life, when you are extremely successful. All times are right just don't mess with your responsibilities. You really don't know what your minimal needs for survival are. Its really very less.

7. Don't be shy.

Don't worry if you have to break free from your public image to start something new. There may be a fuss for sometime and people will adapt to the new you. Anyway nobody cares too much about what you are doing.

4. Focus on minimum basic.

Always start and strive for the next level. Don't keep waiting for you product or service to be 100% complete. That will never happen.

3. Take advice.

People are always ready to help, sense of contribution is a BIG motivator. Shed the ego that its your idea and you will be taking it all the way to pinnacle, all alone. Be greatfull.8. Believe.

Start a start-up only if you truly believe in your idea or you have just unshakable confidence on yourself, because however good your idea is there are always loopholes and any second person can point it out. Just believe that every idea can be turned out into something awesome and stick to it. Add-on ideas will keep coming in.

9. Go Take feedback.

Some users or customers may be really nice to give their free advice but you have to talk to them, reach out and ask personally. Making a feedback box is not enough.

10. You have got tip of the iceberg.

You may think you have learned a lot and be overwhelmed by the lessons you have learned so far being in a start up but this is just a beginning no matter at which stage of start-up you are.

11. Use your own brain.

I may be wrong in any of the points above. :P . Use your own brain n instincts. I have not covered the equally important other points. No one does.

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