always talked about in represented in black...Two days ago I saw death, no! I sensed it; coming in slow steps to embrace those it has chosen. The news said it was an accident; a trick of mother nature and finally a great mishap or very unfortunate. But I stared at that place where only in seconds lives were being taken. I kept looking. My heart crying, shrieking, but my body stilled as I observed... nothing but water covering them. I could hear the desperate cries of my people drowning! This was no horror film; not a great performance; this was real life - something happening in front of me. I was helpless, how could I save? how could one struggle against the long and powerful arms of death? Those voices, young, full of lives finally died with the last anguish cries of...hope to live...fainting one after the other! My tears flew down. That's all I was capable of...I'm to shed a small bit of tears everyday from now on for them...because I am small and very weak in front of nature..

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