The water trickles on the window,
The path to be taken not yet known.
Escaping getting cut by glass,
Absorbing its fate and moving on.
Memories of my life rush past me,
Of fulfillment in the empty company.
Giddy by the sweet wine I feel,
Knowing now the wound is deep to heal.
An untouchable labelled in youth,
Living by polishing other people's boot.
A coin and a mound of dirt in return,
The heart and stomach getting equally burnt.
The pavement becoming my world,
My society of loneliness in days of crowd.
I was normal yet my cries were muffled,
My mouth wasn't bent yet I got stifled.
Clothes became crumpled,as did the face,
Sun set soon upon a life of perceived disgrace.
The wind blew many times on my hardened face,
The night fell many times upon the sleeping grace.
Talking in the harshest tone of anger,
Life of self was destroyed by hunger.
The rain makes my cloth soggy and I fall,
Burdened by weight of the evil society which grew tall.

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