Hey girl, O my god,
You came, electrifying the atmosphere, O lord;
That stare of yours, sickens my vision,
O my god, I stumble, fail to get the reason!

The air chooses to kill my hair style,
as many times I have made it!
Oh dear, I fail to nod or think,
hypnotized am I, gracious you are!

Time had it all, seeing you smile,
perhaps brilliance, the word made for you;
Wish to keep staring at you,
no other beauty lies paralleled!!

Hey girl, forgotten have I the world,
In your beauty, I fail to be steady,
Oh gal, Wherever you go,
your beauty shall be enough, am I greedy!

My heart is already at the helms of your smile,
My thoughts at your eyes,
my words given in to your voice,
My strength laid into your soul!

Oh my girl, Oh my god,
I cannot believe this grace,
I heartily smile when you look at me;
Wonderful, ecstatic at your presence!!

I dunno how to tell you all these,
Man I go speechless, voice weakened,
heart beating, incredibly fast, world forgotten,
I prefer to incense you my thoughts, failing to take the step!

Do not gaze at me when I come toward you,
I get victimized by your walk through,
feeble as it may seem, situations blue!
Oh my god, You beauty! I'm victimized!

Hey girl, this heart beats for you,
this soul yearns for you, succumbed to awesomeness,
I know your eyes look at me, I'll come, be ready,
The ecstatic smiles and hearts to be shared,
From where beauty emanates,
I'm yours, victimized to the beauty that you own!!

Tags: Love

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