Today, for a change i did the mistake of reading the newspaper early in the morning instead of waiting for the latter half of the day, that I usually do and now a sort of hopelessness and sorrow are taking roots in my conscience within.

There is so much wrong with the world. In spite of experiencing and knowing about the horrors of two full fledged world wars, countries still choose to battle out their differences. Everyday we here about bombings and air strikes. Closer home, riots and clashes mark our daily news while brutal murders and horrific rapes occupy a large chunk of space in the morning newspaper. It is such a depressing feeling to grow up a midst all this negativity, hatred and violence.
On an individual level its a bit far fetched to expect everybody to be on exceptionally good terms with everybody around them but even if there are differences the solutions can be achieved by taking recourse to non violent ways.

I feel so bad for the little children who are trapped in such crisis-struck pockets of the globe and are being denied the simple pleasures of childhood. They would have very little to look back at and hold on to when they grow up. The experience would result in a psychological damage that would probably stay with them for ever.

I want to contribute my bit, no matter how small the effect, to change the world for better.
All of us can do it.

So spread a little love today.. Kiss your spouse, hug your children, call your parents if they live far away from you, text the old friend you haven't spoken to in very long, smile at work and hate your boss a little less today. He/she might mean the world for someone- so let it be.
=D Good day everyone.

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