The horizon draws nearer than before
With limitless bounds
The clouds are twisted and forlorn
And seem to rise from the ground
Dejected thoughts, despondent truth
Overcast in my mind
No purpose and no fulfillment here
I want to leave all of my nothing far behind

What is to truly stop my path?
Is it so hard to disappear?
Bound by ropes of expectations
Shackled by the chains of fear

Is it too much to ask for a chance
To chase the horizons and taste their hue;
To embrace the formless clouds;
To escape and collect my dues?
I long to be a part of the storm
That in the distance presents itself
I long to wander and carve my path
For in experience I'll find my wealth

I feel no joy from day to day
A sense of purpose I fail to claim
I feel no light in the brightest ray
Constantly falling short from my aim
I never wanted to conform
Never restrict or confine my ways
Destroy the sorrow and hollow life
And escape the void of days

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