W. Legend Day 2
Time- Distant
Second attempt at writing a diary for myself

The mental diary idea had my mind go mad for to long a while. It's now that I'm thinking of going into territory that many people tread. A place of imagination and bewilderment. This is safe for me anyway.

There's to much that I have to do and never, NEVER enough time to get it all squared away! This is saying little compared to experiencing the massiveness of daily ritualistic activities that we force ourselves to accomplish due to nonsensical reasoning. Alas I will continue to squander the precious time that most would use for cleaning dishes or taking trash out to share with .....Oh yes myself the feelings, ideas, and experiences that I continue to breeze through without thinking twice about it if I hadn't placed them on this virtual paper. So for now I bid you a due. For the moment I'm forced to utilize my time to expel anything that is left from last nights meal. Good evening/morning to you and we'll talk again.



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