A comment would be too short to clarify my stance on "Anonymity" So here i have decided to dedicate this post to clear out few things wrt "Why o why thou anonymous".

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde

We love anonymity right? No fear of the society judging us, no revealing our identity. I am not condescending anonymous people. Where as i believe the anonymous posts are SOME OF THE BEST POSTS because they reflect ones true emotions, the ones which he might be apprehensive of sharing in his true character with the fear of being JUDGED. Yes wherever u go, the fear terrifies u always. The society has a say in whatever you do. But thats a different issue altogether. You can't avoid it in real life, whereas virtual world gives you the power to evade those scrutinising eyes by turning "Anonymous". I wasnt born a writer with words flowing out smoothly from the pen. I loathed reading, writing till a major part of my life. But then there was a flair for writing, sometimes out of the need to scribble down some deep rooted thoughts and writer babu ignited that up. I started here from the scratch too, i was too an insecure lass who has signed her posts anonymous most of the times. And i do understand the need for the such a feature. As was correctly mentioned when we start off we have no idea how we write, we are aloof of the world's opinions. We tremble, feel insecure, and that's what makes us human. Appreciation makes us value ourselves, shed away that insecurity.

"When you accept others unconditionally, they can
remove their masks and feel at ease with who they are.
The security of being accepted gives them
freedom to be themselves.."
Thats what i read on fb as a status once, few of the good things fb makes us learn.

So when we start off we need the trigger, we need the support, assurance- our work is socially acceptable before coming out of the shell. Or sometimes we need to detach ourselves of all the worldly image the society carries off, of us. We need a pen name,we need an altogether different identity. No issues, the society has edged us to go that way. I have been able to share some of the deep down emotions, thanks to the power of 'anonymity'. It should never be debarred from wb, rather its one of the feature which compels people to write. Visiting Faculty i totally agree when you say "sometimes 'we' (the trait is common, believe me) write not 'cause of the beauty of the language, but just because 'we' needed someone to listen". We need to let go of the burden of unsaid words and thats when paper-pen comes to our rescue. Its not out of pleasure, but out of an obligation to feel relieved.

The article "why o why thou anonymous" was meant to be taken light heatedly. We don't start a war ("People would fight to get this identity") over a super duper polled anonymous article with claims like "Ye mera hai, ye mera hai" System is smart enough to deliver the due points and remarks of appreciation to the author's account. Here at wb we respect people's creativity, even an article inspired by other has a due mention of the source of inspiration.

I don't think high of myself, i am no-one. Nor am i super confident of my work and fearless of the people's remarks. I possess my share of insecurities, i keep on opening wb whenever i get time to keep a tab on polls taken and the comments left. I am worst in grammar (in or at i am still confused) nor did i use to pay attention to it, its all because of impeccable writings of people here and their constructive remarks that i have taken the job of proof reading before publishing.

Anonymity is required, no doubt. But sometimes, just a few times try going public, try overcoming that fear, u 'll feel great. write with no strings attach and decide you 'll post this as anonymous once you are over (to let the words flow) and when its over deceive yourself, close your eyes, think if u are able to face the world with your own-self (whatever the critics may say), go public. You will feel empowered, you have just conquered the apprehensive you!

PS: A feedback claimed on ' why o why..' "this starts a war". I said "Between anonymous and real people :P". The feedbacker embarked "Hey both are real". My bad! Indeed both are real!

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