God's plan is always perfect for us. I have never thought of that we will somehow move to same city.


I have not talked with her for almost 2 months. But, suddenly i come to know that she was moving to Bangalore for her exams.And after few days, my family told me that you are going bangalore the day after tomorrow for your exams and you will remain their to build your career. That time i was so happy not because that i am gettinng chance to go bangalore but because i will be able to meet her with no restrictions, no barriers and can spend time without any worries.And by God's grace, our centre for exam was also same that excited more, that everyday she will be there with me at the exam centre and i will not be alone at all.Everytime , I feel very good when she remain by my side and all my worries tension vanishes because when I am with her , i lose myself to her completely and i cannot even see any other girl or any person other than her. So, at exam centre we met for four days and we had normal conversation but she asked me about me like where are  you living at present, whether you are able to cope and adjust yourself with the situation at your sister's place.

Finally, came the last day of our exams, that day we both were happy because now we can relax and enjoy our life.

From that very moment , i was waiting to meet her and to spend time with her. After that I, with nautanki and moti decided to meet and to spend some time.That was the day, I have smiled from my heart after months because they both were  with me. The day spend with both of them once again refreshed the best days of my life that I had enjoyed years before.And finally, we had a candlelight dinner followed by  icecream.I have seen her happy like anything that day after years because her eyes face and heart was beaming with happiness, joy and i can feel her happiness.I have seen my original nautanki after years that brought tears in my eyes that it was God who has gifted me this day that i cant foget till my last breathe.And, because of motiii I got that day to enjoy with her and nautanki.

I always keep waiting for a chance so that I can spend some time with her and to me her presence is like that of an angel's presence in my life. I love my life when she remain beside me and when she is there in my life.

And I think I'll keep waiting for you and this hangover will never fade for you. 

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