Getting up in morning is so up hill task!
When sleep late in night,
Looking at Facebook to Bask,
Wondering where your friends have gone
You look at nice places with full of scorn..
You try to sleep when a dog howls by,
A cat runs near the window,
A mouse runs by,
You hear a police going whistling,
The dogs cry and fight,
There drops a sudden shadow near a door near by,
You wonder what's there but still you don't cry,
Then you try to sleep again because it has been long..
You don't find sleep and you still carry on,
You read a book,you read a magazine,
You browse for AK-47 on Yahoo,
and see it with child and teen,
The world is so vast,
And i know so less,
I want more knowledge,
as i wanna be the best....
then you get up in morning,
you have been part of dream,
the dream has you and a prince,
with nice little gleam,
the alarm has been ringing,
your boyfriend has called hundred times..
you had been sleeping like horse in good times...
time to get up,
time to go office,
otherwise you might miss and get thrasshing in office

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