Walk a mile in my shoes, just to try them on for size.
You'll think it's easy to be me, until you see through all my lies.
You think I'm happy?
Well take a closer look.
Maybe you'll notice that this smile has been mistook.
It's just a mask to hide what's underneath;
To hide all the misery that's stuck inside of me.
Looking at me, you wouldn't suspect a thing.
Until you uncover the truth and dig into the pain.
I'm merely just a canvas, with my plain colors of grey.
Nothing but a nothing, awaiting to be thrown away.
But you don't see. I cover up the pain.
I paint myself with colors to hide it all away.
I seem just like everyone else, covered with streaks of paint.
A little grey shows through but it's still pretty faint.
But inside? Underneath my costume of colors?
I'm just a broken soul, that depression seems to follow.

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