With the constant pace of footsteps backwards,
comes a grin smile that adorns the lifestyle unseen,
I asked, you gave, I fell happy, The situation alighted,
dreams higher they soar, hopes magnanimous they still mean!

The wishes of a common man,
fulfilled by a superpower of incandescence,
Enlightenment of the kind you gave the opportunity of;
joyous thus to quintessentially express, change came pristine!

The life now seems like an artwork of my kin,
a mirage far that, now did appear a perfect reflection;
The walks of a natural human being thus filled with flavors,
looks like the unforgivable patina, never be allowed to touch!

Like my shadows, I run back and forth,
eyes glare at glory furthermore, the moon's delight met,
energy of the sun the alibi, for the highest jump I make,
Verbal jousting with the new world!

I still wonder, what sorcery is life conducting, to mind-grab me,
Splitting off the host, muses around catapulting me towards the art;
Wings now slowly and steadily opening, eyes disengaging to the farthest one can see;
A person life-form stunningly encouraging, joins in laughing at the melancholy;
the melodramas, the miseries, as it promised, wonder how I forcefully hit myself always with that dart.

Even now,it's a grieving part though,
lest a man most magnanimous, a god, or a demon,
still is most greedy when he's got the most of everything,
And yes no exceptions are to be considered futile, put a phase through!

Affirmative, I gotta enjoy these minuscule joys erstwhile very huge,
as I walk on the lane, I experience the highs and lows,
I'm greedy, I implore more to share this joy with another person;
But I think I have a good feel, time won't disappoint;
continue to walk on the lane of silence, where joy is enjoyed in silence,
smiled at in silence, dreamt of in silence, shout my heart out in silence!

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