I use Samsung Galaxy Note. No, not the Note 2, just the Galaxy Note. I am a big fan of Instagram and was delighted to know that now Instagram allows modify videos too. So I just installed the updates through Google play android market store. It was about 15 mega bytes update. Update done and its time to test the new video feature. I opened Instagram to notice the new video option, we its launched actually, delighted again.

But it doesn't work. It hanged at first and then it caused the phone to restart. I tried again, the phone was hanged and restarted again. This time I tried using the normal image, it worked. So you can use the image part as of now. I tried again the video part, this time hoping for some miracle, and yes I was destined to witness a miracle. The phone screen started getting horizontal hazy lines and slowly the phone screen went all white and very very bright. I was scared and forced shut down the phone. I no longer have the guts to try it again until and unless Instagram announce an update on this bug fix!!

Did you experience the same thing?

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