I sat slouched on my veranda,
The afternoon sun sucking sweat
Out like a thirsty predator.
The aura was monotonous,
And so were my thoughts, as I gazed
Heavenward - an atheist in silent
Supplication for God to send
Showers. The sun stared back rudely.

Then, as of my sheer willpower,
A few white baby clouds slithered forth
And joined the Sun in his stare.
The mother clouds bustled behind, trying
To identify their baby
From the mess. I smiled stupidly
As the cloud herd gathered together
For their emotional ritual.

My idle imaginations
And thoughts were halted. They, while
Fleeting about in the atmosphere,
Had been hurled to Earth into
The arms of Reality. My spirit
Becalmed by the Rain God, I
Closed my eyes to let the coldness
Trickle through my body and spirit.

Happiness! I, a member of
The proud and rational species, had
Been reminded that my only
Home was in those clouds, in Mother Nature's arms;
And - no, nowhere else.

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