Hi Everyone,
Since the post ‘Why o' Why Thou Anonymous’ is involving us positively into the discussion weather Anonymous posts on WB are adequate or a writer should disclose their identity, I thought to dig a little beneath the surface and did a small study on writers’ behavior on this site. Where few of the results led to expected conventions, some of the facts are quite shocking.

2902 Writerbabus have written 4647 posts out of which 1176 posts were published with the writers’ identity unrevealed.

First of all let’s understand flatly 25% posts are written anonymously. 80-20 rule says top 20 authors (featured on home page) which are only 1% of total, contribute to 39% of total posts (1815 out of total 4647 posts are written by top authors) that means rest of 99% authors write only 61% posts! Whoo. At first, I couldn’t believe this, anyways. Assuming behavior of top authors if we consider no top author likes to publish their work without identity, it will mean non top authors write 42% of their posts as anonymous. Its bit shocking but I know this is just an assumption and actual number will fall somewhere around 35% and that is still pretty high in numbers. Personally, even if I wasn’t a top author, I’d not write so many posts without my name.

Now if there are so many posts written anonymously, what might be the reason? I am sure a major reason behind this is the default selection of ‘Anonymous’ option while writing a new post. Other might be a writer wants to attack on something/someone but would probably not if their name was taken. Some might fear they don’t write too well and just want to see the feedback before they go further. Newbies would fall most in this category I think.

Alright, whatever the reason is and whatever the fact is, we simple love to read and write and that what matters the most here on Writerbabu. Happy reading and writing.

Disclaimer: All numbers as seen 11AM IST July 4th, 2013. My statistics are purely based on numbers publically available on writerbabu.com. I am not liable for any decision/assumption made using my statistics. Since, this is just a surface study, I would request website owner/administrator to do their own study before making any decision based on this study.

P.S. I wish I had access to your MySQL :) and I’d do it all purely for the sake of fun. Feel free to add anything you feel about this. And I did not know how to spell Anonymous before this.

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